Bringing Old-World Beauty to Your Modern Day Construction with Elegant Cobblestones

Granite cobblestones are nature's unique and superior paving and edging stone.  Combining strength, resiliency, skid resistance, and minimal water absorption, granite cobblestones offer an unsurpassed combination of characteristics making it nature's ultimate paving and edging material.

The term cobble is a geological term used to describe a stone of a particular size, which is approximately two and a half to ten inches (.64 to 256 millimeters).  Colors range from grey to black to purple, depending on the origin of the stone.  Cobblestones are made from highly durable stones, usually granite or basalt.  They are dug from quarries and then cobbled, or roughly shaped into the size needed.

United Builders Supply offers a large selection of sizes and colors, unparalleled inventory and competitive pricing. Our granite cobblestones are available either in small quantities, on pallets or bulk deliveries can be arranged.

Our Old World Cobble are hand cut and have a tumbled appearance.  Being hand cut, sizes vary slightly but are fairly consistent.  UBS has 5 sizes available in grey and 3 sizes available in Black, Pink, and Yellow.

UBS also sells a large selection of antique cobblestones that have been reclaimed from streets and sidewalks undergoing repavement or construction.  The patina of these used cobbles is unique, a color and texture that only time can apply.

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We have Cobblestones: Gray, Black, Pink, Yellow

We Sell By the Piece, or By the Pallet

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