Find The Right Insulation For Your Home

"You need insulation in your home to provide resistance to heat flow. The more heat flow resistance your insulation provides, the lower your heating and cooling costs.  Heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space. In the winter, this heat flow moves directly from all heated living spaces to adjacent unheated attics, garages, basements, and even to the outdoors. Heat flow can also move indirectly through interior ceilings, walls, and floors—wherever there is a difference in temperature. During the cooling season, heat flows from the outdoors to the interior of a house. To maintain comfort, the heat lost in the winter must be replaced by your heating system and the heat gained in the summer must be removed by your cooling system. Properly insulating your home will decrease this heat flow by providing an effective resistance to the flow of heat.  An insulation's resistance to heat flow is measured or rated in terms of its thermal resistance or R-value.  ("

UBS has been the destination of builders, remodelers, and homeowners who want top quality materials at affordable prices.  We can supply a complete line of insulation from fiberglass to rock wool, to polyisocyanurates.  Just let us know what you would like to insulate, and we will help find a solution for you.

Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Guardian Fiberglass, Inc. manufactures a complete line of light-density fiberglass building insulation products for the construction markets in the US and Canada.  The company has been awarded numerous "Vendor of the Year" designations from major buying group customers.  Guardian offers an extensive product line that includes kraft, unfaced, and foil faced insulation, with R-values from R-8 through R-49.                                        

Dow Insulations

Dow Building Products

Dow Styrofoam is highly valued for a wide range of applications, from insulating buildings and geotechnical installations to enhancing thermal efficiency of panel and composite materials.


Owens Corning

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is the number one global producer of residential and commercial building materials.  Their insulation products have been trusted for their superior performance, and longevity for many decades.  You will find them here at UBS, just look for the Pink Panther.