For an Elegant and Stylish Finish, Use Bluestones

Bluestone is a natural stone in the sandstone family that comes in a variety of shades including:  blue, green, earthtone, gray, blue-gray, lilac and a combination of these colors.  Bluestone is available in several shapes to be used as flagging including: "dimensional" (square and rectangles) and "irregular" (rough shaped).  What is "Flagging" or "Flagstone"?  Flagstone is any type of stone of any color, texture or chemistry such as granite, limestone, sandstone, bluestone, etc. that lays flat on the ground.  Any stone that is used for a walkway, etc can be called "Flagstone."  Bluestone is also available as "Treads" which are used for steps, landings, etc.  We stock bluestone in "Blue/Blue" and "Full Color" with either "thermal" or "natural cleft" finishes, in a variety of thickness, as well as irregular Bluestone.  Our 1/2" thick bluestone make wonderfully authentic stone floors.  Ask yourself, why use a "look-a-like" when the real thing is available at a very reasonable cost.


Natural Cleft

Natural cleft bluestones have a non-uniform surface. This creates a more natural look and texture of the bluestone. Natural cleft is a hard wearing stone and can stand up against the harshest weather.


Bluestone Pavers

Thermal Finish

Bluestone is flame treated to create a pebbled uniform surface. Thermal treated bluestone is ideal for walkways, patios and treads. The thermal treatment makes the surface non-slip and is therefore safe in high traffic areas.



Bluestone Thermal
Custom Bluestone

Custom Cuts

Bluestone can be honed, bull nosed, rock edged, eased edged, sawn edged and generally cut into almost any size or shape that can be imagined. Bluestone does the job well whether used to cover a chimney or cover a counter. UBS specializes in supplying custom cut bluestone to your exacting specifications.



Bluestone Pavers Bluestone
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