United Builders Supply Co., Inc.


Payment, Delivery & Shipping Policies


United Builders Supply Co., Inc. has been serving the building community for over 7 decades.
We strive to deliver the best service to our builders & homeowners alike,
while providing the best possible solutions to their building materials needs.



    We offer free local delivery, within our designated daily operating area including Rhode Island & Eastern Connecticut.  We do offer an extended delivery area beyond, on an as needed basis, which will be subject to prior approval & potential delivery fees.  Our delivery services include a Fleet of Boom, Moffet, Tractor Trailer, Flatbed, Stakebody, Box & Pickup Trucks.  We Dispatch our Fleet from our 4 locations, based on jobsite & material location, as well as timeframe.  Please take into consideration when placing an order with us, that we handle hundreds of deliveries each day, from each location, and that certain deliveries require increased delivery times, due to the nature of the products we deliver.  We strive to offer you the shortest length of time for your delivery, and can assure you that we will do everything possible to deliver your material as soon as time permits.



    With the advent of Internet Shopping, came the question, "Where can I buy products from, and how will it be shipped to me?"  United Builders Supply Co., Inc. has established an online shopping portal entitled IBOS, Internet Based Ordering System.  The initial intent was to offer our local customer base the ablity to view our showcase of top selling items.  Each with item details, pictures & pricing, so our customers could research & purchase their Building Materials needs from us, from their jobsites, offices or homes.  The revolution in buying online has spread, and become mainstream.  We have been doing our utmost to assist our customers with their needs online since February, 2007.



    We do offer shipping on many items that we sell, many of which have been shipped clear across the USA, however their are limitations.  We will ship products that you purchase pre-paid, including shipping charges, the most economical fashion available.  Our carriers include UPS, Fedex, USPS, and other freight based common carriers.  Due to the characteristics of many of these items, there is not currently a failsafe method of providing shipping quotes at the time of checkout.  Please see the following section for further details.




What to expect when an order is placed


Please be aware that there is currently no Payment Gateway installed on our website. 
As our Website Develper continues to work on our Payment Gateway, we will use the following
policy on what to expect, for orders placed through our IBOS Website:



    Please Note: Placing an order online does not lock you into a purchase agreement with us, nor us with you.  Orders may be cancelled anytime before payment is collected & shipping has commenced, or at the decision of the Ownership or Management Team. 
    Once you have clicked on the "Submit Order" button, located on the "Checkout Page," the website will send a generic order confirmation email to the registered users email address, as well as to the UBS Website Administrator, for processing.  Please note, the order confirmation does not include sales tax, or shipping charges if applicable.  United Builders Supply Co., Inc. will contact the customer placing the online order at the email address supplied by the registered user, submitted at the time of opening an online account, during the course of normal business hours.  Our normal business hours are Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.  We strive to contact our customers back in a timely fashion, although their may be a delay of up to 48 hours for a response.  We may either estimate, or generically quote your shipping charges based on product selection and shipping requirements, once your order is received, so that you may decide whether or not to proceed with your order.  Final shipping will be calculated upon your approval of the estimate.   Once you have received your response from the UBS Website Administrator or a designated alternate, please review the attached order carefully, verifying your billing & shipping addresses are correct, and the materials requested are as intended.  Upon your approval of the order as written, reply via email back to the sender, your intentions to continue as well as your prefered manner of payment.  The Internet Payment Options section below, describes the available options.



Following your order review & approval, the order must be paid in full,
including shipping or delivery charges, if applicable.


     Upon your approval of the order, you will be given the choice of payment options.

    Our current payment methods are as follows:

  • Customer can call the UBS Website Administrator to pay via Credit Card at (800) 439-2832, (M-F 7-5).
  • Customer can stop by one of the 4 locations to pay in person by Cash, Check, or Credit Card (V,MC,AMEX,Disc).
  • Customer can elect to have a Paypal Invoice emailed to them, so they may pay securely by either Credit Card, or Bank Account.  You do not need to have an existing Paypal Account in order to use this feature.
    Once your order has been paid for, your delivery will be scheduled, if delivering locally, or packaged and shipped via the already identified shipping agent.  Orders being shipped by shipping agents are typically picked up from our locations within 36 hours.  These shipments are accompanied by tracking numbers that are emailed to the registered users email address, so that you can track the status of your order.