Mouldings can make your home bold and beautiful, or they can be simple and unobtrusive.  Whatever the design they definitely bring a touch of class into a room. UBS offers many varieties of moldings, in different styles to suit your every need. Traditional materials such as Oak, Pine and Poplar are commonly used, however we also offer Cherry, Maple, PVC, MDF, and flexible mouldings for almost every application.  We invite you to speak with one of the UBS sales staff to help find what mouldings we can offer you, that fit your design ideas best.



Oak/ Poplar

UBS offers of Oak and Poplar mouldings milled to high industry standards for your home. As a material for mouldings, Oak and Poplar have very good qualities and you'll love having these products in your home. Custom work can be done, whether from an obscure pattern or from one of your own designs.

Decorative Mouldings


These highly-embellished mouldings provide old-world architectural details for your home. Decorative mouldings such as these can transform your dull interiors into a truly classic treat for the eye.


Another popular material for mouldings is Pine. Whether it's clear-grade Ponderosa, White Pine, Sugar Pine, or other types of Pine, this wood is sought after by talented craftsmen and designers for its soft, consistent texture and subtle grain patterns.

Primed Finger-Jointed (PFJ)

When interior projects call for painted mouldings, Primed Finger-Jointed (PFJ) moulding offers an extremely cost effective, and labor saving option. The plantation grown lumber in these mouldings is offered in select lengths to maximize yield and minimize waste on the jobsite.

Composite and PVC Mouldings


These mouldings provide low-maintenance, weather resistant design choices, whether they're milled from cellular PVC boards like traditional wood mouldings, or extruded to the desired profile. Composite/PVC mouldings are perfect for your project, be it exterior or in high moisture interior applications.


If your house is near completion or you're nearing the end of renovation, now may be the right time to think about the right mantel to complete the look you have in mind for your home. A fireplace mantel can be the focus of your living room, and UBS can provide you with the right one to suit your aesthetic needs.