Classic Living Room with UBS Red Oak Flooring

The northern red oak is one of the most important oaks for timber products in North America, but it is the qualities of oak that we like for our flooring. This hardwood is both tough and strong, and resists moisture admirably. But it is the hard, open grain that we love about this pale, reddish wood, especially when finished to our specifications. Contact any UBS sales representative to see for yourself why red oak is one of the preferred materials when constructing wooden floors. We'll gladly take the time to answer your questions about this beautiful floor material. Bring out your home's beauty with our exceptional flooring products.  Be sure to stop by one of our showrooms located in Westerly, or Richmond, RI, or Niantic, CT for a sampling of what is available.


Red Oak Flooring Red Oak Flooring Red Oak Flooring

Red Oak Flooring Red Oak Flooring