Silver Line


Silver Line has been producing exceptional windows since 1947, and you can have access to their entire energy-efficient line right here at UBS. As part of the Andersen Company, Silver Line is a 2010 Energy Star Award Winner. Their designs are both beautiful and durable, and your home will look and feel better for it. Speak to our attentive and experienced sales staff here at UBS and we can definitely help you find the right windows at the most affordable price to help bring your projects to fruition.


New Construction Vinyl Windows

Silver Line's new construction windows are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every builder's needs. Their new construction vinyl windows combine the beautiful design and superior craftsmanship you demand in a premium product. Every detail is superbly crafted and the wide variety of shapes and sizes let you create virtually any look imaginable. Architects and designers value the design flexibility our complete line offers, builders appreciate the ease of installation, and homeowners love the great looks, energy savings and ease of maintenance.

Replacement Windows

Your home is one of the most important investments in your life. Let Silver Line enhance the comfort, value and aesthetics of your living space - quickly and cost-effectively! Silver Line's replacement windows and patio doors save energy and improve the appearance of your home. Designed to fit neatly and easily into the opening left by the removal of an existing sash, their windows make home improvement nearly effortless.

Weather Stopper Windows                        

Silver Line's new Weather Stopper products have been tested and certified to stringent ASTM and Miami-Dade Product Control protocols to ensure they resist high velocity wind pressure and impact from windborne debris. Residential homes in coastal areas can encounter extreme weather conditions. When a storm, such as a hurricane strikes, its destructive force can be devastating. Silver Line's Weather Stopper line of impact resistant windows and patio doors can help protect homes from catastrophe. By combining a series of specially designed, inter-related components, they've created a line of windows that will endure the elements and help to protect the homes in which they are installed. From a unique, patented interlocking tilt latch design, to a positive action sash lock to DuPont SentryGlas, each element of this window has been carefully selected to perform, even under the most severe conditions.

Commercial Windows

Strength and durability are the defining factors of Silver Line's Commercial Windows. Solid aluminum construction withstands demanding structural conditions, which other window materials may not. This versatile window line can be used for numerous building types ranging from two-story garden apartments to 20+ story commercial high-rise towers. Silver Line Commercial Windows are appropriate for either New Construction or Replacement applications. A long list of available options makes them perfect for almost any commercial project.