Since its inception in 1890, Simpson has been continuously supplying superior forest products to the Pacific Northwest, making them one of the most experienced companies in that region. And now UBS is offering this fine company to the Northeast, giving homeowners that chance to find out how Simpson Doors can provide their houses with some of the finest exterior doors out there. As a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, you can depend on the Simpson Door Company to manufacture some of the some of the most beautiful stile and rail wood-panel doors in an affordable, eco-friendly way. Contact one of UBS' sales staff nearest you to find out more about their solid line of exterior doors today.


Nantucket Collection

The harsh coastal weather of Massachusetts has inspired Simpson Doors to create their Nantucket Collection. These doors remain beautiful while being resilient to the type of climate Nantucket is known for. These rugged doors have a rustic beauty that is matched by their amazing elemental resistance, due to the use of durable weather-resistant wood species with a modified mortise-and-tenon construction technique. 

Artist Collection

Beauty is the main attribute of these fine doors from the Simpson Door Company. The Artist Collection is an anthology of unique, limited-edition doors designs by select artists and manufactured to the highest levels of craftsmanship. Every door from this collection is limited in number so check out the designs and pick out what you want as soon as possible to have this elegant line of doors greet visitors to your home. 

Builder's Advantage

The Builder's Advantage line of exterior doors means high style on a budget for homeowners out here looking for an exterior door that has style, but is relatively affordable. This collection lets you chose from a wide selection of designs that feature glass inserts. Transoms and sidelights are also part of this collection so you can have complete control of how you want your entryway to look like.

Bungalow Series

Simpson Doors' Bungalow Series line features classic v-groove panels in stile and rail construction that make for beautiful doors in panel or sash styles. The sash style doors have 3/4” glass inserts, making them just as weather resistant as the panel doors. Available in a wide variety of wood types, the Bungalow Series retains its rustic elegance even while protecting your home.

Craftsman Collection

The timeless appeal of fine craftsman architecture is the inspiration for Simpson's Craftsman Collection line of exterior doors. This selection has 36 door designs in virtually any wood species, and these also have matching sidelights and transoms available. These sash-style doors lends your home a timeless beauty because of their elegant designs and intricate glass inserts.