TruStile Doors

TruStile was founded in 1995, and in that short time they have achieved their goals of design flexibility and short lead times, two principles that they found lacking in the custom door market at that time. Now we have a source of high-quality custom doors, and UBS is proud to offer their services to its customers. TruStile was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the benefits of medium density fiberboard for paint-grade door applications, and now they lead the field in making solid MDF doors. The qualities of TruStile doors are truly outstanding, but if you have any doubts we'd be glad to go all over all the details to see if TruStile is a good fit for your home, so talk with one of UBS' sales staff today.


Panel Doors

TruStile's line of panel doors, like all their 400+ models are available in exterior grade versions, so they can be used as the face that greets people when they come to your door. TruStile believes that an exterior door should match the architectural style of the house, and we think you'll find what you need among the 4 types of panel doors that they carry. Whether its the traditional TruStile series, the contemporary Tambour series, the rustic V-Groove series and their beautiful Custom Design set doors, they all with MDF cores that make them strong and durable choices to serve as exterior doors to your home.

Glass Doors

If you have a beautiful home that needs to let in some light to complete its look, then TruStile's line of glass doors are the right choice for you. TruStile's glass doors come with a wide variety of textured glass and resin choices, all of which contain exterior-grade 5/8 inch insulated glass for outside use. You can choose from among their elegant series of French Doors; their Panel Lite series, which is a unique selection of panel doors with glass inserts; or their TruStile series which features models from their line of TruStile panel doors which have switched out the door panels for glass or resin.

Louver Doors

Louver doors are usually meant for indoor use, with the vented louvers meant for permitting airflow. But TruStile offers their line of louver doors for exterior uses as well, with the manufacture of false louver doors where you can get the louvered style with the full privacy you get from a panel door. TruStile louver doors are available in exterior-grades and come in four different models.