Decking & Railings

Outdoor living has seen tremendous growth over the past several years, and decks have come to be the choice of many to better utilize their yards.  We at UBS believe that having a choice in decking & railing materials is key to helping you choose which option is right for your home.  There are many choices in materials available on the market today, and it may seem overwhelming to some, but with a little guidance, and research, you will find the perfect solution to your decking needs.  We begin with the basics; Mother Nature vs. Man Made, either choice has its advantages, as well as design options.  Listed below are the two major groups of decking & railing, these will help guide you to the best possible solution for your outdoor living situation. 

Wooden Decking 


Composite & PVC Decking 

  Composite & PVC Decking

Wooden Railing


Composite & PVC Railing 

  Composite Deck Railings