Duo Corp Windows
Duo Corp Aristoclass


The Aristoclass is Duo Corp's best-selling line of basement windows, having been developed in the 1980s. This classic design still holds its own and continues to be the premier vinyl basement hopper in the U.S. Market.  Manufactured with energy-efficient insulated glass, the Aristoclass has a pivoting friction hinge system that allows the sash to rotate and stay at the desired opening.

Duo Corp Competitor  



The Competitor is another of Duo Corp's basement window designs with a solid vinyl frame and sash. This compact design has a Limit Stop Hinge System that allows the sash to tilt inwards for easier cleaning. Like the Aristoclass, the Competitor is a bestselling Hopper design, and is even lighter and more economical than the Aristoclass.


Duo Corp Patriot


This basement window is the lightest of all the Hopper designs for Duo Corp.  The Patriot keeps the frame of the Competitor model , but without the 2X seal on the sash.  Despite being one of Duo Corp's most affordable windows, the Patriot still retains all the quality features of the Duo Corp brand such as energy-efficient insulated glass, impact-resistant vinyl frame and sash, as well as full weather stripping.

Duo Corp Utility Vinyl Window

Utility Vinyl Window

A larger size for your basement window needs is available with the Utility Vinyl Window model from Duo Corp. This design can be acquired with Double Strength Tempered Glass or their Low-E insulated glass. Thiw window integrates all the necessary features of a utility window, but ups the ante by using durable, thermal-resistant vinyl instead of traditional aluminum. It is a slider model as well, and does not use any hinges.


Duo Corp Vinyl Basement Window

Vinyl Basement Window

Duo Corp's Vinyl Basement Windows are the same compact size as the Hopper models while letting you have the ease of use of slider models. Their Vinyl Basement Windows use Low-E energy efficient glass, with both sashes operable. Their Vinyl basement Windows also comes fully weatherstripped and are come with impact-resistant vinyl frames and sashes.

Other Duo Corp products are available upon request. Please Contact our sales staff for more information.