Experience Amazing Durability With Metal Roofing


Amazing durability and a beauty that lasts for years. That is what metal roofing gives to your home, but those aren't the only aspects of a good metal roof. Often overlooked is the lightness of the material.  Their strength to weight ratio is outstanding, as are their protective properties. Metal roofing is absolutely fire-resistant, wind and hail resistant, and snow slides off more easily than it does on other types of roofing. Best of all, these superior qualities comes in a package that is extremely low maintenance. UBS is ready to provide all of your roofing needs with superior metal roofing from companies such as Fabral, so speak with any our friendly sales staff to find the right metal roofing for you, in colors that will bring your house to life all year round. 
Fabral Metal Roof

Fabral - Available through Special Order

Fabral Metal roof is a good choice when you want to achieve cost effective roof material for your roof construction. As a homeowner, purchasing a superior brand of metal roof can be a lifetime investment. At UBS, we believe that Fabral metal roof can make a difference when it comes to long-term durability, defense against hail, wind and fire. What's more, it requires little maintenance and acquire small repair cost. Visit our physical store to view personally our wide range collection of Fabral products such as Standing Seam Panels, MP-Panel, Solar Panels and accessories. Call us to speak with our knowledgeable operator to help you with all your Fabral product needs.

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