Used Antique Granite Cobblestone, Curbing and Blocks

Our Antique Granite cobblestone, curb, foundation blocks, landscape curbing, along with many other unique shapes, are reclaimed from streets, mill complexes, mansions and other places where granite was the building product of choice from a by-gone era.  Some of the cobblestones were first used as ballast on ships traveling from Europe over 200 years ago.  After their ocean journey, they were used to build early American cities.  Their worn, rounded tops are a direct result of the hustle and bustle of early American city life.

Our Used Granite cobblestones host a range of brilliant colors, from reds and brown to deep purples and grays.  Exposed to the elements, village traffic and centuries of history, the feel of these stones cannot be reproduced.  Antique granite pavers are perfect for those wishing to obtain a significantly historical piece that is also architecturally pleasing.

Antique Granite Granite is one of the hardest stones second only to diamonds. UBS has Used Granite curbing ranging in length from 3 feet to 12 feet. It is 6 to 9 inches wide and up to 30 inches deep. Granite curbing is environmentally safe and wears beautifully. It makes an excellent trim or edging or as way to draw your eyes to a finished project. It is often used for walkways and driveways.

Our Antique Granite Blocks,lintels, gate columns, steps and other architectural shapes are from old granite walls, foundations, mill complexes, barns and many other areas where granite was used as a building product because it was available and relatively inexpensive at the time. These hand-cut blocks and foundation pieces cover a wide range of sizes. Time and exposure to the elements have given these pieces a unique patina that cannot be duplicated by any other means.
Antique Granite Used Granite

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